Autumn 2016 Hong Kong electronics show

2016-09-28By: admin

    Fall 2016 electronics is the world's largest electronic products procurement fair, electronics show held in Hong Kong international exhibition center in Asia. Show time for October 11 to 21, home, office, car electronics and anti-corrosion mainly displaying the latest mobile phones, tablets and wearable products such as a wide variety of electronic products.

    As the world's leading electronic procurement, global sources electronics show to help international buyers to find from China and Asia the most novel, the most innovative electronic products, and E&L serves as one of China's domestic national brand took part in the electronics fair.

    On this exhibition E&L show a series of anti-corrosion products, in addition to have sold product display, also shows the just released by the bright eye's main product S30, S50, S60 were well received.

    The booth attracted a lot of agents at home and abroad, they are interested in cell phone E&L said, that is three series of mobile phone market prospect is promising, especially in Europe and Russia for outdoor enthusiasts standard, wait until the favour of many agents.
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