EL W40, Go Small Do Big

There is a lot of buzz going on since the release of EL W40, especially about the feature it packs and its unbeatable price. We finally see a super-entry-level that can enable us to go small and do big. Let us take a closer look!

The W40 has a minimalist design that goes well with all kind of clothing personalities. It also features a unique textured back which offers a great grip and a minimalist look. The compact size and curved body offer great hand-feel and easily goes into your pockets and bags. W40 is a perfect fit for the ones that prefer to go small with style.

EL W40, Go Small Do Big

Go small does not mean that you have to do little. The W40 features a vibrant 4.0-inch display with a maximum brightness of 450cd/m² so you can see clearly even under direct sunlight. The resolution also bumps to 800×480 which offers a ppi of 233 which means everything on this screen will just be bright and crisp. The display is also powered by EL’s RawColor display enhancement technology that brings true-to-life colors and a clearer vision for you.

EL W40, Go Small Do Big

What’s more, with a fast and efficient quad-core processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM, and ELOS with no bloatware, W40 delivers smooth an experience for everyday use. It packs a removable 1500mAh battery and advanced battery saving technology to power a full day of extensive use. This is a good case for you!

The EL W40 is released on AliExpress with with 14% discount for $42.49:


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