EL 6C Smartphone

Flagship smartphones are great, they’re super fast, well designed, and offer a ton of extra features. But they come at a cost, and that cost is a lot of money. Recently, specs of an entry-level smartphone surfaced, aiming at the highest cost-performance ratio of low-end smartphones in 2019. It comes from the EL Mobile and the model name being EL 6C. Let us take a look.

18:9 IPS full-screen display

EL 6C Smartphone

As we all know, the screen has always been the top priority of the smartphone experience. EL 6C spares no expense, uses a 5.5-inch high-quality IPS screen on this low-end machine with a resolution of 960×480 FWVGA+. For the specific visual experience, we need to get our hands-on the EL 6C to know more, but there is no doubt that in terms of the screen, EL 6C has the potential to surpass its competitors, and the screen is no doubt one of its biggest selling points.

Pleasant design

EL 6C Smartphone

As can be seen from the leaked rendes, the EL 6C has a sleek metal back, a natural 2.5D edge glass screen and narrower borders all around. The overall design follows the latest smartphone design trend of 2019, so that the low-end EL 6C can have the same stylish appearance of higher-end smartphones. EL smartphones are well known for offering a superior hand-feel, so we believe the latest EL 6C is no exception.

Excellent Experience

EL 6C Smartphone

It is reported that the EL 6C will be equipped with a quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM which is common for smartphones at this price point. The processor is the SC7731E from Spreadtrum. It has four high-performance low-consumption cores with running at 1.3GHz. Combined with the EL Mobile’s consistently clean and no-bloatware stock Android, as well as excellent software and hardware tuning, we have reason to believe that EL 6C will provide an excellent experience.

3000mAh Battery

EL 6C Smartphone

Due to size and product positioning, the battery capacity of a 5.5-inch full-screen low-end smartphone is mostly limited. However, the leaked EL 6C render reveals that the 6A will have a built-in 3000mAh battery, which will undoubtedly bring long-lasting endurance to the phone. We think that the EL 6C uses a high-density battery that has a higher energy density than ordinary batteries and can achieve a smaller size in the same capacity.

That’s what we’ve got for the EL 6C. With the upcoming official release, we believe more details of this exciting entry-level full-screen smartphone will be revealed. Please visit elongmobile.com for more information and stay tuned!

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