EL Mobile makes better entry-level smartphones

For consumers, an entry-level smartphone may not be as feature rich as a high-end one, but it definitely offers more features than a conventional mobile phone. For manufacturers, an entry-level smartphone is the cheaper model of its lineups, aims at the messes. Some entry-level smartphones, however, may share the same design as high-end ones, but with fewer advanced features. However, with the pricing for smartphones keeps increasing in the recent years. For those with a tighter budget, it has become harder and harder to choose a budget smartphone with truly high quality and great user experience. However, EL Mobile, the company based in Shenzhen, China, begs to differ.

EL Mobile makes better entry-level smartphones

Quality, as we all know, is reflected by user experiences. The design, hand-feel, visual and audio experience, UI fluidity…more than just specs. As a smartphone manufacturer, with the wisdom of balance and high-efficiency management structure, making high quality smartphones with affordable price range is possible.

EL Mobile makes better entry-level smartphones

EL Mobile is a global smart ecosystem brand that integrates R&D, production and sales with expanding presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia, and the Americas with more than ten years of expertise in the industry. EL Mobile incorporates the feedback of our customers with creative thinking into our product development to create better products for the masses. With the slogan “Enjoy Life”, EL Mobile focuses on highly affordable products with stylish design and great user experience to empower people in all walks of life.

EL Mobile is headquartered in Shenzhen Futian CBD and is also the design center for EL products. Our design team includes 10 ID designers and 15 UX designers, and has established cooperative relationships with many well-known design institutions at home and abroad. EL Mobile’s Yibin Industrial Park – a joint venture of EL Mobile and Sichuan Yibin Government, was initiated in 2017 and went into production in 2018. With a total construction area of about 100,000 square meters and an average monthly production capacity of 1 million units, it will become the manufacturing center of EL Mobile.

Enjoy life is not only our slogan, it means much more. Passion for life. All EL customers share a love for life, and never shy to express personality. Break the rules. EL tech disrupts the industry by bringing super high cost-performance ratio and stylish design for more and more people to encourage them to make their own choices. Follow the dreams. Every step further of the user experience, is a step closer to EL’s dreams.

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